Producing and The Great Divide

So, Term 4 at VFS just whizzed by. Let me first address the two biggest parts of the term: Producing and The Great Divide.

First, the Great Divide. Term 4 is the beginning of our second half of the year at VFS, and as such, it is when the writing students decide their fate and divide into two groups: Film Writing and TV Writing. I chose Film Writing, sealing my fate forever as a writer of feature films only. OK, I’m being melodramatic here. Choosing either film or TV writing does not limit your ability to write in other forms, nor does it limit your future screenwriting opportunities. In the film stream, we do, of course, focus on feature films, and so we write a second feature. Therefore, I spent a good amount of Term 4 developing the idea for my second feature, which is a psychological thriller. The story is dangerous and exciting. I love it already.

Another big thing that happened this term was the Producing class, where everyone wrote and workshopped a short script of roughly five pages in length to submit for production. Everyone submitted their third draft, we read all of them, and then we voted on them. The top six projects went into pre-production, and everyone was split into producing teams to bring these projects to life. My script did not get chosen, but I’ll keep working on it and save it for another day. I was one of five producers on a film called “Infect Me Not” which was written by my talented classmate Sarah-Jane. It’s a sci-fi romantic drama set in the future. We all divided the work, and my main job during pre-production was putting out a casting call for actors and fitting them into a schedule in our casting session when they emailed me. After casting, we met with our director, cast our actors, and organized a crew, locations, and set decorations in preparation for production.

Those are the main highlights of Term 4. Other cool classes were the Sci-Fi Script Genre course, where I fell in love with the movie “Alien” and Story Editing, where I read a classmate’s screenplay and wrote a reader’s report with constructive criticism. It was good practice for something I can get hired to do down the road. All in all, it was a great term. Not that I can think of a bad term so far.