I Did It

At the beginning of 2016, I had one main goal: to write every single day this year.

I did it.


I wrote 363 out of 366 days this year. I missed getting my writing done on three days: My sister’s wedding (I was the maid of honor and was up for something like 18 hours, going nonstop), a day in early December when I was working as a PA on a reality TV show, and another day about a week later when I was very ill.

But only missing three days out of a whole leap year is pretty darn good. I’m proud of myself for sticking to it.

At the start, I was confident in myself, but with my busy schedule, I wasn’t sure if I would make it. I thought I would miss a day long before July 30. Looking back at how often I had made excuses to not write in the year plus since film school, I wondered how I would push back against all the excuses I managed to come up with time and again.

The plan was simple. I created a document on my computer and called it my writing log, then typed in the date and the project that I worked on each day. The execution was just as simple. Find some time, open up a project, and write. Or revise.

So 2016 started and I started writing. And I didn’t stop. Yes, I missed three days, but after I missed a day, I kept on going.

I revised a feature screenplay that I started in film school, strengthening the story. I revised a short film and went on to direct it in March. I finished a feature that I started in 2014. I wrote the first draft of another feature. I started yet another feature. I revised a short film with my friend Max. I wrote numerous comedy sketches. I worked on some fiction, blog posts, and articles. The vast majority of the days found me screenwriting.

Some days I wrote pages. Some days I wrote sentences. Occasionally, on very busy days, I wrote or revised a few words.

No matter how much I wrote each day, I made so much progress on so many projects over the course of this year. That is why writing every day matters. And to think, I used to hear about people writing every day and scoff at the idea, wondering how anyone found the time. How silly I was.

Going into 2017, I’m not sure if I will write every single day again. I know I want to. I have forged a strong habit to make time for writing. I absolutely intend to keep that going and to continue to keep a log. The only leeway I plan to give myself is on holidays or vacations or times when I’m with family. Those days, if I have down time, I’ll write, but if not, I won’t stress over it. Either way, I’m gonna keep moving forward.

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