Write Write Write

I am deep into Term 3 at VFS, and the reason I haven’t written a post until now is because I’ve been busy writing a number of other projects for school. The first of these projects is my feature screenplay, which I just finished. In two weeks, I will take it to workshop where I will get feedback from an instructor and three classmates. The next big project is a TV Spec, which is an episode of a TV Show that is currently on the air. I am writing a spec for “Elementary.” I enjoy the show, and I like my spec story, but keeping up with the detective/crime part of it is proving more difficult than I imagined. Fortunately, I still have about two weeks until the full draft of my spec is due. In addition to these two projects, I have also been writing sketch comedies, which are basically short skits (the most famous example being Saturday Night Live). Next term, there will be a live production showcasing my class’s sketches. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

As if all of that writing wasn’t enough, I also have a comedy genre class, where we read and analyze well-known comedy screenplays, and a film theory class, which is all about looking at classic and modern films and film movements. Both classes are fun in their own ways.

Last term I was a part of a film collaboration class, and this term the scripts I co-wrote went into pre-production, so my co-writer Dan and I have been attending production meetings, re-writing, and meeting with the directors and producers to make sure everyone is happy with where the scripts are as they head into production. This was a fulfilling process, though it was not always easy for Dan and I, since we sometimes had to stand our ground when the directors wanted to make drastic changes to the story that we thought were unnecessary. But once we talked to the directors, they clarified what they wanted visually, and we somehow managed to make compromises. I feel good about the final shooting scripts, which is good, because production on the pilot episode starts tomorrow!

As if all of that schoolwork wasn’t enough, I have also been developing the script for a short film that I am getting produced in the coming months. Some of my classmates are also working on short films of their own, and I am helping out in small ways. Gotta build that resume somehow!

After writing all of this out, I find it hard to believe that I have found time to eat and sleep in the last five weeks. But somehow I managed, and I’m not complaining about all of the work. It feels good to be spending so much time doing something that I love so much, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.