Film Collaboration

This term, I am excited to be a part of a Film Collaboration class. The only way to get into this class is to be invited by the instructors (based on your work and class contribution first term), and I feel lucky to be one of the few students who was invited.

In this class, six writers and about 30 Film Production students get together to create the beginnings of three different Web Series. The first week, we broke up into eight groups and each group thought of an idea for a web series. Then each group pitched their idea, and everyone voted on the ideas. Once the top three were decided, the three instructors split us all up into smaller groups for development.

My development team includes about ten film productions students, my classmate Dan, and writing instructor Brian. Last week, we talked about world building, i.e. what rules the episodes will follow, what parts of the world are constant, and defining traits of the characters.

This week, the film production students will bring treatments (episode ideas) and discuss them and then hand them over to Dan and I. The two of us will then have to decide which treatments we want to write, and then write the first draft of the first episode for next week.

The rest of the term will consist of rewrites, and we will continue to meet with our group and discuss ideas for the episodes, much like a TV writing team. By the end of the term, we will have polished drafts of two eight minute episodes. Next term, the film production students will shoot and produce the episodes, and even though most of our work will be done, we as writers will be able to attend at least one day of shooting to observe the process.

I am really excited about this opportunity, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with Dan, seeing the production process, and gaining produced writing credits.

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